Campus and Building

The School has a wide campus with attractive building and spacious smart class rooms. There are separate sections of KG level students, Primary, elementary and High School Students. It has various fucilities designed to meet the specific requirements of students.

Biometric Attendance System

The School provided Biometric machines for students and staff, can store the attendance data and can help in tracking in and out times of students.

Science Laboratories

The School has separate labs for physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Laboratory teaching provides the first hand practical Experiences and training required to develop skills necessary for study and Research.

Synchro study for - JEE NEET AND CET

The school has set-up JEENEET LAB which allows Higher Secondary students to information, and knowledge forcompetitions at state and national level exams for IIT and M.B.B.S courses


The school has set-up disciplined uniform for students to give a sense of identity and can improve learning by lessening diversion, honing centre around school work and making the classroom a progressively serious environment and enabling students to perform better.

Bus Facilities

The school provides transportation facilities to its students to and from school for both local city and non-local cities.


The school has well equipped library, which offers many varieties of books of all subjects to support the academic curriculum and also for non-curricular activities of students and also provides a range of learning opportunities for students.

Auditorium and seminar hall

The school has multipurpose air conditioned auditorium with capacity. that provides an ideal space for school assembles, seminar e',ents. stage perfortnances interschool activities and parents meeting.

Play home room

The school has well equipped and spacious play home forkids to provide avarietyofactivities to support, creativity, imagination, skill and physical development of children.


The school has a huge more than I-acre playground with '*ell-marked sports facilities and games equipments to children to participate in physical and become engaged in purposeful play.